Dress Code



These guidelines are intended to provide Member dress expectations during your visits to the Club. It is the Member’s responsibility to adhere to the dress code and also communicate these requirements to all invited guests. All children are expected to be appropriately attired.


Main Dining Room

Traditional Attire-jackets for males (tie not required) and appropriate attire for women.

Exception - events with relaxed dress code designation.


Tap Room, Private Event Rooms and Outside Terrace

Relaxed Dress – “Business Casual” Defined as a collared shirt (no untucked shirts) and pressed slacks for men and comparable attire for women.

Not permitted in the above areas: jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, untucked shirts, athletic wear and flip-flops, spandex, shorts, open midriffs, halter tops, leggings and extremely short hemlines.


Athletic Wing

Appropriate athletic attire and swim wear (robes to be worn between the pool and the women’s and men’s second floor locker rooms).


Rathskellar, Athletic Mezzanine and Patio

More relaxed than all other areas of the Club.

Members and guests staying in the Club’s overnight rooms may enter and leave the Club in more relaxed attire than all other areas of the Club. Appropriate athletic attire can be worn when going between the overnight rooms and the athletic facility.


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