Propose a Member

Fort Orange Club Membership Proposal Procedure

In order to assist the Board of Trustees in its consideration of this proposal for membership, it is requested that the sponsors furnish the information required. The information presented will be treated by the Board as strictly confidential.

The two sponsors must personally know the nominee and must also be Junior Members or Resident Members.  Both sponsors must sign the proposal and the attached posting notice.

An original letter of recommendation, stating that the nominee is personally known to the sponsor, is required from each sponsor and must be attached to the completed proposal.

The nominee must be personally known by at least two members of the Board, who must so certify by signing the membership proposal. If the proposed nominee is not known by three Board members, it is suggested the sponsors arrange a meeting of the nominee and some of the Board members at a lunch or other social occasion at the Club.

The Membership Committee will then conduct a review of the proposal in such a manner as it shall deem appropriate. The Committee shall submit a report of the nominees to the next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees.

After reporting to the Board, and on their direction, the notice of nomination shall be posted on the Club bulletin board for a period of not less than 21 days, during which period the Membership Committee will receive and note for the Board of Trustees all communications in reference to the proposed membership. All such communications will be held in confidence.

At a regular Board of Trustees meeting, following the posting of the notice of nomination, the Board of Trustees will vote on the membership in accordance with the Club’s by-laws.

On election to membership, the nominee shall be notified. If the Club membership is at its maximum, the newly elected nominee will be placed on a waiting list. The nominee will be further notified when his or her name is reached.

After payment of initiation and dues and signing the Constitution, the new member will be admitted to the privileges of the Fort Orange Club.

All communications should be sent to: Fort Orange Club, c/o Membership Committee Chairman,    110 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12210


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