General Information

It is the responsibility of the member sponsoring an event to inform their guests of the Club’s policies.


These guidelines are intended to provide Member dress expectations during your visits to the Club. It is the Member’s responsibility to adhere to the dress code and also communicate these requirements to all invited guests. All children are expected to be appropriately attired. 

Main Dining Room
Traditional Attire-jackets for males (tie not required) and appropriate attire for women.Exception - events with relaxed dress code designation. 

Tap Room, Private Event Rooms and Outside Terrace
Relaxed Dress – “Business Casual” Defined as a collared shirt (no untucked shirts) and pressed slacks for men and comparable attire for women.Not permitted in the above areas: t-shirts, sneakers, untucked shirts, athletic wear and flip-flops, spandex, shorts, open midriffs, halter tops, leggings and extremely short hemlines. 

Athletic Wing
Appropriate athletic attire and swim wear (robes to be worn between the pool and the women’s and men’s second floor locker rooms). 

Rathskellar, Athletic Mezzanine and Patio
More relaxed than all other areas of the Club.Members and guests staying in the Club’s overnight rooms may enter and leave the Club in more relaxed attire than all other areas of the Club. Appropriate athletic attire can be worn when going between the overnight rooms and the athletic facility.

It is permissible to traverse the lobby, main staircase and Main Dining Room in Dress Denim to access the following areas of the Club where the wearing of Dress Denim is allowed: Tap Room, Rathskeller, Athletic Facility and all second floor dining rooms/areas. Dress Denim is defined as clean, of uniform color, with no rips, tears, fraying or holes. Except for the above transit exception, Dress Denim is not allowed on the First Floor or the Main Dining Room. 


 1)  Utilization of club parking area is only for members and guests while using club facilities.
 2)  Overnight and all day parking are allowed for guests registered for overnight lodging. Keys of all overnight guests are to be surrendered and kept at the front desk.
 3)  A violator, following one warning, is subject to censure, suspension, and, ultimately, expulsion in a graduated system of enforcement, in conformity with the club's constitution: article x; section 2


Please do not feel limited by the selections listed on our menus. If you are interested in an item not listed on our menu we will certainly do all we can to accommodate your wishes.



The attendance of your function must be communicated to the club at least forty-eight hours in advance, with Sunday functions due on the Thursday prior, and Monday and Tuesday functions on the Friday prior. This number will be considered a guarantee.



All food and beverages must be purchased from the fort orange club with the exception of wedding cakes or other special occasion cakes, (I.E.: birthday cakes).



All charges will be on the monthly statement of the sponsoring member. Separate bills isolating all party or meeting charges may be arranged.



All food and beverage prices are subject to a customer service charge and sales tax: sales tax: 8%; gratuity: 19%.



The club can provide many of the standard audio or visual requirements.

Slide projector



Overhead projector

LCD Projector


Flipcharts & markers



Additional items not listed above may be available for rent. Please contact the Club to arrange for any such needs.



Ice carvings, floral arrangements and live music are available upon request. Charges for these special services vary.



Facility fee for the use of the Club’s private rooms will be charged.

These charges will appear if the engagement does not include food and beverage charges, or other special situations.


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