Massage and Bodywork can be powerful healing tools that aid in injury prevention and recovery, as well as in stress management. Massage and bodywork can certainly bolster a healthy body but additionally, these practices can help to nurture a healthy, peaceful mind as well. A more peaceful, conscious mind can make better, more efficient decisions and can learn every day more freely. Massage and bodywork can help you to reconnect with your body and become more aware of its needs - be they physical, emotional or even social. With a massage or bodywork session you may find ease in areas you didn't even know were difficult. A session could be a time for you to sort out all of your thoughts; or a time where, for just a little bit, you can simply BE and relax without doing anything at all; but most importantly it is a time just for you. In conjunction with other wellness practices, massage and bodywork can be your path to a holistic health that is never too late to connect with.

Saratoga Awareness has teamed up with the Fort Orange Club to offer its members reliable, safe, and consistent massage and bodywork by licensed and skilled professionals. We look forward to the opportunity to work with each of you and aid you in your personal strides toward wellness.

Take time for YOURSELF. You can better help others when you are healthy, strong, confident and living as a whole, functioning person.
Massage and bodywork appointments are available at the Fort Orange Club in 40-min, 60-min and 90-min time increments:

The Fort Orange Club also has Massage Therapists on call.  Call 518-434-2101 to make an appointment.  

Contact Leroy Robinson in the Athletic Facility or 434-2101. Or email a therapist at to book your appointment.

Massage gift certificates are also available. 


40 Minute Massage: $55
40 Minute Feldenkrais session: $65


60 Minute Massage: $85
60 Minute Feldenkrais session: $95
Package:  3 1-hour Massages: $220
5 1-hour Massages: $350
Package: 3 1-hour Feldenkrais sessions: $250


90 Minute Massage: $115
90 Minute Feldenkrais session: $125

Please Note: There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. Kindly give 24-hours notice to change or cancel your appointment so someone else could take that time. 
No show, or late cancel appointments will be charged at our discretion.


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