House Rules

  • The Clubhouse will be open from 5 AM until 1 AM.  No member can claim admission after the closing hour. The lights in all parts of the house, except in the corridors and private rooms, shall be extinguished by 2 AM.

  • Subscriptions or contributions for any purpose whatsoever may not be solicited within the Clubhouse or premises, nor shall any petition or remonstrance be circulated therein, unless by expressed permission of the Board of Trustees.

  • No member shall, under any circumstances, promise or give any fee or gratuity to any employee of the Club.

  • No member shall take from the Clubhouse any article belonging to the Club; or remove from the library or reading-room, unless by consent of a member of the Library Committee, any book, pamphlet or mutilate or deface the same.

  • All serious damage to the cloths of the billiard tables, or to the squash courts, or athletic equipment, or the club linen, or to any furniture, or any willful breakage of crockery or glassware will be charged to the account of the member causing the same.

  • Additional fees may be imposed for use of any private room that may require additional staff or services.

  • Any guests under the age of 21 utilizing the Club must be accompanied at all times by an adult member. 

  • Club employees are not permitted to leave the house on errands for members, excepting the Club’s business, and then only on application to the Club Manager or Assistant Manager.

  • All smoking is prohibited in the Clubhouse, except on certain occasions approved by the Board of Trustees and consistent with New York State law.10)  Dress Code:

  • Main Dining Room: Traditional Attire-Jackets for males and appropriate attire for women. Except events with relaxed dress code designation.

  • All Other Areas of the Club: Relaxed Dress-“Business    Casual” Permitted: Men: Slacks with sweater and collared shirt. Women: Skirt or pants with sweater or shirt.

  • Rathskellar, Mezzanine and Patio: More relaxed than All Other Areas of the Club.

  • Unacceptable Attire: T-shirts, athletic wear, tank, halter, or jogging tops, untucked shirts, collared shirts unbuttoned more than one button, wrinkled clothing, shorts, baseball caps, spandex, open midriffs, leggings, extremely short hemlines, sneakers, extremely casual or beach footwear, except when a person is going directly to overnight rooms or athletic facility or using only the Rathskellar.

  • Pets will not be allowed within the Clubhouse with the exception of service dogs.

  • Complaints and suggestions concerning the management of the Club must be made to the House Committee or President in writing, over the signature of the author.

  • The Club Manager or Assistant Manager is required to notify members of any violation of the rules of the Club, and to report the same to the House Committee.

  • The use of mobile telephones, for verbal conversations, is only permitted in the hallways behind the Main Dining Room and Tap Room, the enclosed telephone booths in the lobby, any reserved private dining room, all locker rooms and stairways on both east and west of the Athletic Facility.

  • Business papers are not permitted on tables in the social dining rooms of the Club.  In addition, the use of electronic devices in the public dining areas is restricted to personal use and not for business purposes.

The following rules shall apply to the use of the Athletic Facility:

  • Members may leave money or valuable articles at the office when using the Athletic Facility. The Club will in no way be responsible for any such articles otherwise lost.

  • Reservations of half-hour periods of squash must be made on the day of play with the names of both players.

  • If a court reserved by a member is in use at the start of a reserved period, the member shall knock on the door of the court, and the players using the court shall stop play after finishing the point being played.

  • Members are requested to take showers before using the pool.

  • All guests must be accompanied by a member.  A $10 fee will be charged to the Members' account. 

  • Mature guests are welcome to enjoy the Athletic Facility including the pool, whirlpool, steam room and sauna but only if accompanied by a member. The minimum age for guests is eighteen except for a scheduled Club sponsored program where the time period of 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturdays will permit pool availability as  follows:

  • Children of any age can use the pool,on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, when supervised at all times by the accompanying Member;

  • Only the pool can be used by such children;

  • The bathroom near the Massage Area and the Massage Rooms may be used for changing, additionally the shower in the steam/sauna area may be used;

  • Locker Rooms are not to be used by those under the minimum age of eighteen;

  • A provided waiver of legal liability must be signed by the accompanying Member, as well as the parent of any child.

  Further, overnight guests of the Club are allowed the use of the Athletic Facility.  
                The eighteen and over age limit applies to these guests as well.

  • g) Spouses of Members may have full use of the Athletic Facility for a fee of $35 per  month.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to make modification of or exceptions to these House Rules


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